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Hopp! Throw the challenge

One court,
two players,
ten bullets.
A contest face to face.



A competitive game
for 1-2 players

Run Hopp! and throw the challenge:
"Let's play together!"

Pull on the rubber band, line up your shot and let the disk go!
The gate is narrow: some can go through but some others bounce back to you.
Your opponent will show no mercy: he throws them over and over, one after the other; they're fast in filling your playing field.

Throw them back again into the opponent's side.
Feel the rhythm, shoot precisely and fight.

Throw the last disk and win!

Fast play
All  ages
1-2 players

Throw the challenge!

Hopp! is a simple and exciting game designed for people who love to play with others.

A game for two players

Hopp! is great to play with your friends, kids and family. It is a duel game made for lovers of challenge and competition.

Together on the same screen

Hopp is a Local Multiplayer Game: both players play on the same device. The touchscreen becomes the playing field for your duel.

On iOS

Hopp! is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

It is inspired by a traditional French table game formerly known as Passe Trappe, Maxi-Flitzer or Table à l’élastique (Elastic Table).

Hopp! is a game to engage people to share the fun of an intense challenge with friends.

100% Made in Italy, with love, for fun.

How to play


The match begins

The match begins

A solid wall divides the playing field in two halves. Both player choose their own half where they find their disks and rubber band.

The gate into the central wall is large enough to allow the disks to pass through.



Choose a disk, pull on the band, aim the gate and let it go.

Use the rubber band as a slingshot and launch all your disks into the opponent's side. It won't be easy: your opponent will do the same, the gate is narrow and only one at a time can pass through.

Win or loose

Win or loose

The player who succeeds in launching all of the disks into the opponent's side of the playfield is the winner.