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Software workmanship

I'm an enterpreneur since 1997, software developer in Lua since 2006, IT expert with a passion for animated drawing.
I build iOS and Android apps and games, web apps, Joomla websites and Moodle e-learning platforms.

I have developed interactive tools and software solutions as audio-visual communication activities for mobile devices and the web. I write software with passion and care in a mixture of arts, ability, experience and imagination that I have built in about thirty years of professional working in the Information Technology, Visual rendering and TV/Movies/Animation production industries 


I started developing apps and games for iOS and Android devices with Corona SDK in 2013. I build apps on a shared codebase compiled for publishing on the various platforms (iOS, Android, AppleTV, Mac OSX and Win32).

Hopp! 2 player challenge.

A local multiplayer competition game for iOS/Android. Uses multitouch to allow two persons to play against each other on a single tablet/smartphone in a challenge made of throwing game pieces with an elastic band.

more about Hopp!

I tesori di Adristorical Lands - App iOS Android

Treasures in the di Adristorical Lands.

An iOS/Android promo game published in 2013 for the Marche Region as part of the Adristorical Lands transnational project. A dual language game (italian and english) offering four games to promote the Marche Region tourist destinations.: quiz, puzzle, memory and sliding puzzle. Information and images about the tourist destinations are the content of the four games.


I develop web applications, websites on Joomla and e-learning systems on Moodle. I take care of the setup, configuration, visual design, interaction needs, administration and develop customized Joomla extensione.

I have put online websites, e-learning, communities of practice and developed web applications for a bunch of European Funded transnational projects (SOS, Animanova, VISE, SAPERE, DIVIN, Adristorical Lands, WIt Project, Hologramme, Hector, Courage, ECHILIBRU, Ciudad). I have worked for public institutions (P.O.R.E., CNR, Regione Marche, Regione Abruzzo, Provincia di Milano, INEA, Università Federico II di Napoli, Fondazione Federico II, Unione Assessorati di Palermo, Eupolis Lombardia, UNIURB), companies (Intralot Italia, Meridiana Italia, Expert Italia, SIDA Group, NIBI, PROMOS, ASSAM, IOM) no-profit associations and private citizens.

arteficio websites


  • Keep constantly updated: following trends, news and forecasts.
  • Ideas and story: ideas sharing, brainstorming and creative talks are my ways to lead the project to it's destination target.
  • Drawing: I do lots of sketches and drawings to see ideas and do accurate rendersto verify the results.
  • Meticolous planning: I try hard to fail fast and spot the errors. It allows to develop, fix and redo before entering production (reducing costs and risks).
  • Prototyping: fast and effective simulations of the product to test the interface and the interactions of the people that uses it.
  • Feedback: I keep regularly updated about activities and progress involving directly in tests and revisione those who are interested in the product development.
  • Production: I work usually on iterative cycles: development, coding, test and fixing. I create and edit the text, video and audio elements needed.

Thank you for being here.

Giuseppe Sciacchitano