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Pencil development: Hopp! studies and drawings

I love to draw: it is relaxing and it helps me think. I look at my own ideas discovering new forms: images tickling my thoughts and leading me to play again, and more. We both move and grow together in a free journey between imagination, expression and perception: rethinking the new filtered by experience.
Expression is a thought chiseled in a sign, a journey between paper and mind bringing new inspiration to play with, again.

I do draw a lot when I work. It takes time to develop an idea and make it grow up to the point I feel I can actually use it.

Ideas on Hopp! circled around these main principles:

icon design


Drawing speeds up the whole process of ideas iteration. As failure is definitely not an option when developing concepts, the use of drawing, sketching and diagramming allows me to fail faster and rethink early in the process, long before entering production, where the costs of a mistake would be much higher. I draw to fail faster and with minimum damage.

Drawing has another side effect: it makes me feel fine.

on playing together

hopp sketch playing together comp 01hopp sketch playing together 03


two hands on one screen

hopp sketch hands comp 01


other sketches

hopp sketch ideas composition

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